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Mesh is a group chat based networking app that enhances engagement & interaction within your trusted micro networks - alumni, colleagues, industry folks or others - to find gigs & business opportunities.


Alum Networks

Ideal for large alumni networks.  With no limit on group sizes, a school or college can bring together alumni of an entire institute on one group; in effect giving every alumni access to a powerful business network.

Fraternities, Societies, Clubs

Wouldn't it be useful to know the business network that might exist right within your housing society, club or association? With features like Polls and Events coming soon you'll make this connect more meaningful.

Trade & Industry Bodies

If you are a trade or industry body, you must ask yourself - how connected is the network of our members? You may find that while you are regularly in touch, it could be much better "connected". Mesh helps achieve this.

Interest Groups, Meet Ups

Ever wondered who else had similar business interests as yours? Say carpet manufacturers in India or React developers in San Francisco. Would it be great to connect with like minded people for business?

Event Networking

Hosting an event and want members to connect? Get a group going on Mesh. With its group chat messaging and #tag based message filtering, conversations will never be this meaningful and relevant.

And Any Other Network

Mesh is for any micro network you can think of. If there is a real-world network, its likely Mesh will enhance the interactivity and engagement within that network. If you have a network, get it on Mesh.


Large Group Chats

If you run a real world "network" Mesh is the best platform to help manage it. No group size limits make it ideal for managing groups with 30+ members.

Search Members

Do you have a directory of members? Is it online and easily searchable? With Mesh finding and searching your network is possible instantly. Finding connects was never this easy.

Collect Payments & Subscriptions

Do you struggle with member management and find it difficult to collect annual membership fees? With Mesh you'll soon be able to manage memberships & collect one off payments too.

Post Gigs & Jobs

Looking to hire someone to develop a website, write some content or looking for talent at your co? Find people from within your network by posting a gig or job.

Manage Events

With Mesh while you can create a specific group for your upcoming event, you will shortly be able to get RSVPs, collect payments and more for Events you're hosting.

Take Polls

With our upcoming Polls feature it will be super easy to get responses from within your groups. Great for fetching feedback, or do sense checks within your interest groups.


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